Eye Bags, Dark Circles and Tea Bags

Our eyes get puffy every now and then.

While it can be normal to get eye bags as there can be a lot of reasons as to why we can have them and having them for long along with dark circles in the eye area can pose a nuissance.

Dark circles around the eyes and puffiness can ultimately alter your aura. It can make you look older and tired.

While concealers are always within your reach as they can easily be found in drug stores, department stores and beauty shops, it can be quite hard to pick out which one will go best for you.

Applying concealers can be tricky. While you put them on to conceal those eye issues, you must also be able to have them applied as if they are not there at all. Not everyone can do that.

Ill-efforts at applying these eye makeup stuff can actually aggravate the issue. The tissues around the eyes are very gentle and sensitive that tugging and rubbing this skin in the processs of applying eye makeup such as concealers can injure the small blood vessels resulting to poor circulation, dark circles and premature sagging.

Also, there are a lot of drug store products out there that promise remedy to eye bags and dark circles. The hunt for the product that will work for you can also be tricky and they can be pricey.

The product which worked for someone else may not work for you. Worse, you can develop allergies. So be on the look out!

The best thing that you can do is to find a remedy that will cost you less or even nothing at all but that one which will give you great results. Luckily, I have a really good one- tea bags.

How Tea Bags can Remedy Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Tea  has got a lot of benefits. To have me tell you that tea is a cure for your puffy eyes and those dark circles can mean cliche.

I know. You had been told over regarding the “what.” However, a little had been told about the “why.” Meaning much is told about tea being a remedy but less is said about “why” it can be a remedy.

Green tea, Black tea and chamomile tea would be the ones you should have to remedy the your puffy eyes and dark circles. These types of tea contains good amounts of caffeine, tannin and anti-oxidants which do their bit in giving you the remedy you are after.

Caffeine is a natural diuretic which eases out fluid retention in the blood vessels and in the tissues by letting out excess fluids, promoting better circulation and healing to ruptured blood vessels and tissues.

Tannin does for the loose tissues and gives the skin around the eye area a tightening lift.

Anti-oxidants gives your skin a soothing effect. The anti-inflammatory properties in chamomile tea also helps a lot in relieving puffiness.

All these will surely drive away those dark circles and puffiness with continued use. What’s more, you can be certain that tea contains no harmful chemicals in. Above all, it is very cheap. As a matter of fact, you can use recycled tea bags. Preferably those which had been steeped once.

A good reminder would be that you go for organic ones as much as you can. When you do, you are not only assured of having all the goodness you can get from your tea bags, but you are also doing your earth saving bit.


~ by Qat on March 29, 2011.

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