What Does It Mean If a Computer Is Refurbished?

Computers are highly needed during today’s life.

Even when computers are easily found, you can still expect to a good amount of cash if you would want a brand new laptop or desktop unit.

Luckily, there is a way for people on a strict budget to still avail of a good unit but for a lower cost. This is when they go to purchase refurbished computers.

Refurbished computers can either be laptop or desktop units turned back in by a buyer to its manufacturing company to be replaced for another unit because of found external and/ or internal defects.

External defects can be any flaw found on the surface of the unit. Scratches, dents and the like can be usually because of mishandling prior to or during shipping. Loose-fitting buttons and keys can also be grounds for a unit replacement.

Internal defects are those which are commonly found out only when the unit is put into usage. These can be internal circuit and connection problems, power system problems and even mishaps in the installation of software prior to buying it.

Once a product is returned, it goes to be checked to confirm the declared defect and for further defects which,may have not been found by the previous user. While the buyer gets his or her replacement immediately.

Once a defect is found it will be corrected by taking out any part or software that is out of order and replaced by a good one. Cosmetic scratches and dents, though may not entirely affect the functioning of the unit will also be corrected.

Then, the product will once again be thoroughly inspected by quality control officers to make sure it is in a good working condition.

However, refurbished computers can also be products without any defects. Those which had been used as display or demo units can also be turned back in to be refurbished. During certain times, some buyers would rather return a unit to be replaced by a more valuable one for another or more sophisticated features.

Even when the units had not been declared defective, they will still go through the same quality checking process as those which had been returned for being defective.

And then, the products will be packed as new, with just like the features of brand new ones and sold on a cost you which you can say, is too good to be true- but are indeed true.

The amount slashed off from the bill when you buy a refurbished desktop or refurbished laptop computer, is not the main reason why these pieces can be the best buy.

Recall that, refurbs undergo thorough inspection after they are turned in and after being corrected, another quality check waits for them before packing. So basically, they had under gone one more or even two more quality checks over brand new ones.

Keep in mind however you must only consider doing deals with manufacturers and even trusted sellers. Not only will you be sure of a good unit but, the purchase is also covered by a policy just the same as that which you would get from a brand new one.


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~ by Qat on March 28, 2011.

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