What Goes Around, Comes Around: Global Warming and Human Neglect

There is definitely so much more to Global Warming than the discomfort it brings about by drastically twitching the temperatures about.

All the moves and steps that concerned people are taking now to try and save the earth from the said disheartening future, can somehow be considered a way to appease nature for the neglect and abuse humans have inflicted on it.

Global warming and Ozone depletion is only a result to the damage we have inflicted and are continually inflicting on the only home we have.

What Goes Around: The Causes of Global Warming

You may have heard of how the greenhouse gases are trapped in the atmosphere and how they heat it up causing Ozone depletion that paves the doors to let all the unwanted and harmful UV rays into the earth making the environment heat up.

This cascade of unfortunate and discomforting events can be summed all started in two little but highly destructive words after they had been put together: human neglect.

In the human’s search for the things that make life easier and light, innovations had been comeup to. We were never content with what we had been graced by nature with.

Instead of learning to cherish the good time to walk on

unpolluted tracks for roads, we made cars and vehicles that now belch hazardous by products of fuel combustion. Instead of being glad to be able to hug the trees and rest under their shade, we resorted to cutting them down and burning the ground up to clear space for industrial purposes.  Instead of being grateful for being able to breath in cool clean air, we looked for something cooler and came up with cooling systems that emit more HFCs, PFCs and other substances.

In our search to further the conveniences of living, we resorted to manufacturing so many things that we never thought about the consequences of.

So now, we suffer.

Comes Around: The Consequences of Global Warming

Global warming and Ozone depletion cause more disturbances to the Earth and its inhabitants than merely making the environment unbearably warm.

The drawback of all these negligence does not end on discomfort alone. The catch is, even when only humans are responsible for all these things, other forms of life that walk the earth are affected too. Here are some generalized consequences of global warming:

  • Horrible weather disturbances. During the last 4 decades, the earth’s ocean temperaturedrastically rose causing atrocious hurricanes in the continents. It had been observed by weather authorities that the occurrence of category 4 and 5 hurricanes surged up during these previous decades compared to the years before the causes global warming were on the rise.
  • ThreateningHealthIssues. The occurrences of heat-related death surged up in numbers in therecent decades. Respiratory diseases had also been aggravated due to poor air quality in the presence of smog.Incidents of malaria and other vector-borne diseases were also found to surge in numbers. Cancers especially melanoma is on the peak of its occurrence at the present due to the penetration of unhealthy UV rays.
  • Disturbed ecology. Global warming, aside from, once again direct human abuse, caused the balance of ecology to be tipped over. Drastic change in the environmental temperature in land, air and water caused life forms to suffer things of unknown causes to them. These causes are one of the many reasons that are blamed for the heightened count of animal species that are becoming extinct.
  • Melting of the glaciers and rising of water levels. It won’t be a surprise, that if this human environmental neglect continues, countless islands in the earth will be drowned in water. And even huge continents will lose      much of their coastal areas to the deeps. The overwhelming turn up in the environmental temperature causes ice caps and glaciers to melt and add up to the water levels in the seas and oceans.

Hope is Never Obsolete

In the recent years, campaigns that hope to spread awareness about the Ozone Layer depletion and Global Warming are all over the globe. Foundations were set-up and supported in the hope

to spread awareness and save the Earth from a grim end and a disheartening future.

While we may all be overwhelmed at the misfortunes that are coming at us, it is a breather to know that there is still something we can do. Doing our simple bit seeking out the little steps we can do to help the earth out is a huge leap if we do it all together.

We must never give up on the cause to revive the earth. We must continue to hope and believe that our only home still stands a chance at being restored. Just as how it never gave up on us despite what we have inflicted on it.


Hope is the companion of power, and the mother of success;

for who so hopes has within him the gift of miracles.

-Samuel Smiles


If you want to take a step towards a better earth now but are wondering where to start,

taking part in the Earth Hour is a good leap.



NRDC for the entry on generalized causes of global warming.

SandHillNewsbordz18, Stock Xchng for the photos.





~ by Qat on March 26, 2011.

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