Coffee and Constipation


Constipation is condition characterized by hard, dry and most of the times sparingly eliminated stools. Sometimes however, these stools are eliminated in large bulks making bowel movement way too painful. A person who is constipated experiences bloating, straining and a constant feeling of a full bowel. Sometimes, these tummy-felt symptoms are accompanied by loss of appetite, dizziness, headache, insomnia, foul breath, ulcers in the mouth and a coated tongue.

As everyone gets their “chance” to experience constipation, it is among the most frequently reported gastrointestinal disturbance.

Constipation Triggers

Technically, constipation occurs when a person’s water intake does not rightfully compensate for the water absorption that takes place in the large intestines as digested food pass by to form stools, or due to other factors that cause faulty muscular contractions in the large intestines.

Intake of foods with high fat contents and less dietary fibers along with insufficient liquid intake are among the most common causes of temporary constipation. Such that, the usual remedies done to solve the problem would be to increase the in take of foods rich in dietary fibers such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. In relation to this, it is recommended that water and juice intake is also to be increased to supply the digestive tract fluids and thus relieve constipation.

However, not all liquids are encouraged to be taken in to serve for the purpose of gastrointestinal rehydration. Beverages containing caffeine and alcohol had been found out to cause dehydration that intake of such beverages are discouraged as a person experiences

constipation as these tend to worsen the person’s condition.

There are other factors that also take part in the trigger of constipation, these would be:

1. Impeded metabolism brought on by old age and lack of physical activity.

2. Intake of certain drugs such as Narcotics, some anti-depressants, anti-convalescents, calcium- channel containing drugs, aluminum-containing antacids and diuretics. These drugs had been found to have either direct or direct affect in the action of the digestive tract.

3. Intake of milk and other dairy products (e.g. Milk of Magnesia and gluten).

4. Pregnancy slows down stool movement in the large intestine as the uterus presses towards the colon.

5. Permitted delay in bowel movement as some people

tend not to move their bowels even

whenthey are urged to due to reasons such as poor potty-training in children. The longer the


it takes for the bowels to stay in the rectum, the harder and more impacted they get as the colon continues to get fluids out of it.

6. Over-dependence to laxatives is causing some people to have the perception that they cannot make it thru the toilet without taking their regular dose of laxatives.

Moreover, as constipation is a symptom rather than an illness, chronic constipation should be given due attention and assessment due to the fact an underlying serious illness (such as tumors in the colon and Crohn’s disease), maybe the cause of its occurrence.

Coffee as a Constipation Remedy

In contrary to previous facts stating that “coffee has a diuretic-acting content in the form of caffeine, and as diuretics cause dehydration in the digestive tract by increasing the excretion of water form the body in the form of urine, and therefore would worsen the condition of a person who suffers constipation,” there had been certain people who made recent claims that coffee consumption yielded them laxative-effects.

Stating whether the coffee be decaffeinated or not, a drink of at least six-ounces of hot, preferably black coffee that is taken in to an empty stomach (specially after breakfast), relieves the condition in as soon as 4 minutes.

The explanation for this occurrence would be that in some people, coffee stimulates an over activity in the gastrointestinal tract specifically in the recto-sigmoid colon causing triggers and hints the individual of the urgency to empty his bowels.

In some cases, even the least dose of intake results to this stimulation of recto-sigmoid action, resulting in loose stools. Further studies show that even decaffeinated coffee yields the same effect. This proves that caffeine is not or rather is not a sole factor causing the effect.

Then again, claims had been made that this anti-constipation coffee charm works better for women than for men.

Coffee Enema

Another manner of the administration of coffee had been found out to yield constipation-relieving effects and this is by way of “Coffee enema.”

Compared to saline, coffee is quickly absorbed through the thin tissues in the perianal area as it makes its way to the liver.

In the liver, the chemicals theophylline and theobromine (which are found in coffee) dilates bile ducts and blood vessels. Simultaneously, theobromine and theophylline, together with caffeine relaxes the smooth muscles in the colon stimulating enhanced peristalsis.

Aside from the stimulation of peristalsis in the gut, coffee also stimulates the enzyme glutathione-S-transferase of the liver. Normally, the liver contains an enzyme system that is responsible for removing free radicals in the body. However, the stimulation of glutathione-S-transferase increases the rate at which the free radicals are removed from the blood (as it passes through the liver at least five times during the time the enema is held inside the gut) by 600-700%.

Meanwhile, the enema fluid in the gut stimulates the gut’s visceral nervous system facilitating peristalsis.

All these results to the free-radicals (now in the form of diluted toxic bile) which had been removed from the blood stream are flushed out of the body together with the stool.

Coffee is not only an elixir that perks people up on short breaks. A sip is not only a means of indulging into it’s aroma. It has got this great benefit too. However, what may work for some people may not always work for everyone. And lastly, it is always smart to learn about the reason why one gets constipated, especially when it is recurring. Checking with a physician is a great favor to do for oneself, especially that your physician knows your body and your own gut better than you do.



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