Writer’s Block: 10 Simple Things You Can Do to Deal With the Dreaded Writer’s Block

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Do not know how to get your hands and brain to get going on your writing?

The dreaded “Writer’s Block” can sometimes overwhelm you and leave you unproductive but there must be no way you can let the phenomenon leave you unproductive.

There are two main reasons why it is smart to find ways to rid of the writer’s block. One, no good write-up means no money. And two, being stuck with the writer’s block can last years, mind you.

Thing is, there are always ways to fight the block off! And here are 10 simple things you can do to deal with the writer’s block.

Snooze. One common cause of the writer’s block is the fact that your brain and body is just so tired to pull up anything. A 30-minute snooze or nap should be good to freshen you up. But if you can afford it, then get a good sleep.

Meditate. Take a couple of minutes to close your eyes and focus on something. Meditation is a good brain-stimulant. You do not have to focus on your topic. As a matter of fact, it is better to get your mind out of it for this while. Better yet, enroll in a yoga class. Each session should loose the everyday writing tension and should freshen you up.

Exercise. Being sedentary causes a lot of tension and pressure. Shake em lose! Run, jump, dance! Exercise stimulates circulation and a circulation enhances body and mind functions. With all the negative nerves shook up, your mind should be able to pull-out better stuffs for you.

Read. A good writer is a better reader. One reason for being stuck at a writing session is the fact that you have got little info on your topic or subject. Never compromise the quality of your writing because you are beating the time. Take time to read about it. The more you’ll learn, the more you’ll be enthusiastic about getting it written and done.

Play. Whether you play with your dogs or whether you play with your own creativity. It doesn’t matter so long as you get to have something that gets your mind off of the writing pressure. Playing with colors as in finger painting or simply scribbling some colorful figures is a good pressure and tension outlet. Pets have their soothing wonders too.

Eat. Maybe you are just too hungry to focus on your writing. Never hesitate to grab a bite. Perhaps you can nibble on nuts. Not only will these nibblies shoo away your boredom, they also have got brain stimulants that will get your brain working.

Write. No better antidote for the writer’s block than to write. It doesn’t have to be directly on your topic especially that you are yet on your mark. You can scribble or write about just anything that would pop on your mind. If you do have a blog then, you can write about your dose of the writer’s block. Or you can sign-up on sites and communities that offer some really surprising daily writing ideas that will get you warmed up. And above all, make it a habit to write each day. Writing is a process of endless learning. Getting used to it should make writing as enjoyable each time.

Above all, don’t be hard on yourself. Have a break. Even a soulless car needs some overhauling. Never forget to reward yourself for a job well-done. Each write-up is worth a pat on the shoulder.



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Cardio Exercise – The Right Way To Do Cardio Routines

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Shedding all those excess pounds will not only give you a fit body but will put you away from weight-related health problems.

To shed all these pounds, a good cardio training routines is something you can turn to.

For this purpose you can choose between working out on a cardio machine or not. Remember that your results will depend on the consistence and regulation you put on performing your workout program.

Cardio training can best be done when you incorporate a good alternating of low-intensity, medium-intensity and high-intensity routines.

High-intensity cardio routines involve exercise activities done in at high speed, in alternate to medium to slow activities and all done over a short duration. For instance, running for 2 minutes and slowly toning down the speed to a walk for the next couples of minutes, with the alternation done in a short 30-minute time frame.

To prevent overtraining which can lead to inconsistent exercises routines and injuries, the high intensity cardio routine must be done in the given interval of speed.

Moderate-intensity cardio workouts, puts you at a greater ease when it comes to performing the routines. Also, these moderate routines do a good break at the more rigid high-intensity ones, so does away more risk on injuries.

Moderate intensity cardio exercises can be a 45-minute fast-paced walking or a 45-minute swim. As you do these routines and do them in good moderation, there is a lot of chance that you perform them well, so you can get the more from what you do.

Low-intensity exercises give you the utmost ease and when done regularly and efficiently, will allow you to reap greater rewards at what you are aiming. As you can be in a lot of comfort, doing for these types of routines won’t tire you, so you can stand to do them for a longer duration. This way you are at a better position in burning more fats.

The metabolism of fat to fuel requires a body mechanism which can only be triggered when you are moving in a consistent pace for long periods. Low-intensity exercises are mostly the normal thing you can do each day, like a hike, an afternoon walk with your dog or when you tend to daily chores and errands, so you won’t actually need cardio machines for these ones.

Even when low-intensity exercise gets you to burn fat, it should be in combination with medium- and high-intensity exercises as these are also the only way you get to consume carbs. The calories from fat and carbs you burn in opposite to that which you invite into your system, mainly defines how you will do in your pound-shedding scheme.

When it comes to cardio machines, they are always reliable workout stuff especially when the outdoors can’t be available to you. They put you on the action so you tend not to lose out on your routines. For instance the treadmill and the elliptical machine can always cover for the jogs, the runs and the walks.

They can be available to you from the gym, or even you can buy one if you have adequate cash and floor space in the house.

However, a good breath each time you work out does you so much, that is why the outdoors must be your top choice for the work-out venue. Plus, the sights you can see each time, will keep you away from boredom.

Eye Bags, Dark Circles and Tea Bags

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Our eyes get puffy every now and then.

While it can be normal to get eye bags as there can be a lot of reasons as to why we can have them and having them for long along with dark circles in the eye area can pose a nuissance.

Dark circles around the eyes and puffiness can ultimately alter your aura. It can make you look older and tired.

While concealers are always within your reach as they can easily be found in drug stores, department stores and beauty shops, it can be quite hard to pick out which one will go best for you.

Applying concealers can be tricky. While you put them on to conceal those eye issues, you must also be able to have them applied as if they are not there at all. Not everyone can do that.

Ill-efforts at applying these eye makeup stuff can actually aggravate the issue. The tissues around the eyes are very gentle and sensitive that tugging and rubbing this skin in the processs of applying eye makeup such as concealers can injure the small blood vessels resulting to poor circulation, dark circles and premature sagging.

Also, there are a lot of drug store products out there that promise remedy to eye bags and dark circles. The hunt for the product that will work for you can also be tricky and they can be pricey.

The product which worked for someone else may not work for you. Worse, you can develop allergies. So be on the look out!

The best thing that you can do is to find a remedy that will cost you less or even nothing at all but that one which will give you great results. Luckily, I have a really good one- tea bags.

How Tea Bags can Remedy Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Tea  has got a lot of benefits. To have me tell you that tea is a cure for your puffy eyes and those dark circles can mean cliche.

I know. You had been told over regarding the “what.” However, a little had been told about the “why.” Meaning much is told about tea being a remedy but less is said about “why” it can be a remedy.

Green tea, Black tea and chamomile tea would be the ones you should have to remedy the your puffy eyes and dark circles. These types of tea contains good amounts of caffeine, tannin and anti-oxidants which do their bit in giving you the remedy you are after.

Caffeine is a natural diuretic which eases out fluid retention in the blood vessels and in the tissues by letting out excess fluids, promoting better circulation and healing to ruptured blood vessels and tissues.

Tannin does for the loose tissues and gives the skin around the eye area a tightening lift.

Anti-oxidants gives your skin a soothing effect. The anti-inflammatory properties in chamomile tea also helps a lot in relieving puffiness.

All these will surely drive away those dark circles and puffiness with continued use. What’s more, you can be certain that tea contains no harmful chemicals in. Above all, it is very cheap. As a matter of fact, you can use recycled tea bags. Preferably those which had been steeped once.

A good reminder would be that you go for organic ones as much as you can. When you do, you are not only assured of having all the goodness you can get from your tea bags, but you are also doing your earth saving bit.

An All Organic Compost Accelerator

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Organic gardening is a very enjoyable hobby and it is highly profitable too. Not only you get to enjoy just almost the same activities you would do if your have a flower garden, you can also enjoy the advantages of saving a lot from your daily food budget because the food you usually had to buy from the market is right there in your very own backyard.

There is a sure way that you can make most of the benefits you can gain from your organic garden and that is by making sure that your crops, would actually grow to be healthy and full of life.

Aside from the usual watering and pruning you can take another good step by coming up with a compost pile. A good compost pile is supposed to feed your plants and crops the necessary nutrients they need. However, most of the times, a compost pile can take a very long period of time before it gets to be usable. This would then be when a compost accelerator steps into the picture.

You guessed it, there are so many of the substances you need to come up with a good compost accelerator in the market. But, the good news is, that the substances you need to have a compost accelerator can readily be found right in your home and in your backyard.

What actually accelerates the usability of compost has all something to do with the proportions of the substances you put in your compost keeper or your compost pit, plus the consistent effort you give it to make sure that the proportion is well-maintained therein.

Basically, there are but two important nutrients that you should be sure to have in your compost and these are carbon and nitrogen. Carbon can easily be generated from the usual yard trimmings such as dried leaves, twigs, and wood scrapings; even from paper material waste. Nitrogen can readily be derived from food scraps especially those from leguminous vegetables, from coffee grounds; and of course another good source of nitrogen would be barn wastes such as the very common chicken and horse manure. Paper shreds can also be a added along with eggshell but make sure to have them in bits before putting them in.

The best ratio of these two nutrients would be a single part of nitrogen to three parts carbon. This ratio allows efficient microorganism feeding that will provide your little friends the ample energy they would need to get their little bodies working in the compost to speed things up for you.

Worms are but another set of friends which will be more than welcomed by your microbe friends to join their little compost party. Red worms would be best for the purpose. They will consume the materials you place in the compost and excrete them out as usable matter sooner.

As helpful little creatures your micro and wiggly friends are, they need a huge a hand from you, do your part by making sure their compost home is moist enough and in a temperature that will make a feasible thriving environment for them. You can do the former by watering the compost to a moist and the latter you can do by getting a shovel and stirring the compost every other day. Also when you do the stirring, the compost gets oxygenated and thus will not give off a bad smell.

Also, spare your little friends from the vain efforts of churning into materials such as bones, and even those from treated wood and paper materials and most of all from wastes that would turn the compost from a neutral environment to an acidic one such as dairy products and fruit rinds and peelings like those from oranges and lemons.



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What Does It Mean If a Computer Is Refurbished?

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Computers are highly needed during today’s life.

Even when computers are easily found, you can still expect to a good amount of cash if you would want a brand new laptop or desktop unit.

Luckily, there is a way for people on a strict budget to still avail of a good unit but for a lower cost. This is when they go to purchase refurbished computers.

Refurbished computers can either be laptop or desktop units turned back in by a buyer to its manufacturing company to be replaced for another unit because of found external and/ or internal defects.

External defects can be any flaw found on the surface of the unit. Scratches, dents and the like can be usually because of mishandling prior to or during shipping. Loose-fitting buttons and keys can also be grounds for a unit replacement.

Internal defects are those which are commonly found out only when the unit is put into usage. These can be internal circuit and connection problems, power system problems and even mishaps in the installation of software prior to buying it.

Once a product is returned, it goes to be checked to confirm the declared defect and for further defects which,may have not been found by the previous user. While the buyer gets his or her replacement immediately.

Once a defect is found it will be corrected by taking out any part or software that is out of order and replaced by a good one. Cosmetic scratches and dents, though may not entirely affect the functioning of the unit will also be corrected.

Then, the product will once again be thoroughly inspected by quality control officers to make sure it is in a good working condition.

However, refurbished computers can also be products without any defects. Those which had been used as display or demo units can also be turned back in to be refurbished. During certain times, some buyers would rather return a unit to be replaced by a more valuable one for another or more sophisticated features.

Even when the units had not been declared defective, they will still go through the same quality checking process as those which had been returned for being defective.

And then, the products will be packed as new, with just like the features of brand new ones and sold on a cost you which you can say, is too good to be true- but are indeed true.

The amount slashed off from the bill when you buy a refurbished desktop or refurbished laptop computer, is not the main reason why these pieces can be the best buy.

Recall that, refurbs undergo thorough inspection after they are turned in and after being corrected, another quality check waits for them before packing. So basically, they had under gone one more or even two more quality checks over brand new ones.

Keep in mind however you must only consider doing deals with manufacturers and even trusted sellers. Not only will you be sure of a good unit but, the purchase is also covered by a policy just the same as that which you would get from a brand new one.


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What Goes Around, Comes Around: Global Warming and Human Neglect

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There is definitely so much more to Global Warming than the discomfort it brings about by drastically twitching the temperatures about.

All the moves and steps that concerned people are taking now to try and save the earth from the said disheartening future, can somehow be considered a way to appease nature for the neglect and abuse humans have inflicted on it.

Global warming and Ozone depletion is only a result to the damage we have inflicted and are continually inflicting on the only home we have.

What Goes Around: The Causes of Global Warming

You may have heard of how the greenhouse gases are trapped in the atmosphere and how they heat it up causing Ozone depletion that paves the doors to let all the unwanted and harmful UV rays into the earth making the environment heat up.

This cascade of unfortunate and discomforting events can be summed all started in two little but highly destructive words after they had been put together: human neglect.

In the human’s search for the things that make life easier and light, innovations had been comeup to. We were never content with what we had been graced by nature with.

Instead of learning to cherish the good time to walk on

unpolluted tracks for roads, we made cars and vehicles that now belch hazardous by products of fuel combustion. Instead of being glad to be able to hug the trees and rest under their shade, we resorted to cutting them down and burning the ground up to clear space for industrial purposes.  Instead of being grateful for being able to breath in cool clean air, we looked for something cooler and came up with cooling systems that emit more HFCs, PFCs and other substances.

In our search to further the conveniences of living, we resorted to manufacturing so many things that we never thought about the consequences of.

So now, we suffer.

Comes Around: The Consequences of Global Warming

Global warming and Ozone depletion cause more disturbances to the Earth and its inhabitants than merely making the environment unbearably warm.

The drawback of all these negligence does not end on discomfort alone. The catch is, even when only humans are responsible for all these things, other forms of life that walk the earth are affected too. Here are some generalized consequences of global warming:

  • Horrible weather disturbances. During the last 4 decades, the earth’s ocean temperaturedrastically rose causing atrocious hurricanes in the continents. It had been observed by weather authorities that the occurrence of category 4 and 5 hurricanes surged up during these previous decades compared to the years before the causes global warming were on the rise.
  • ThreateningHealthIssues. The occurrences of heat-related death surged up in numbers in therecent decades. Respiratory diseases had also been aggravated due to poor air quality in the presence of smog.Incidents of malaria and other vector-borne diseases were also found to surge in numbers. Cancers especially melanoma is on the peak of its occurrence at the present due to the penetration of unhealthy UV rays.
  • Disturbed ecology. Global warming, aside from, once again direct human abuse, caused the balance of ecology to be tipped over. Drastic change in the environmental temperature in land, air and water caused life forms to suffer things of unknown causes to them. These causes are one of the many reasons that are blamed for the heightened count of animal species that are becoming extinct.
  • Melting of the glaciers and rising of water levels. It won’t be a surprise, that if this human environmental neglect continues, countless islands in the earth will be drowned in water. And even huge continents will lose      much of their coastal areas to the deeps. The overwhelming turn up in the environmental temperature causes ice caps and glaciers to melt and add up to the water levels in the seas and oceans.

Hope is Never Obsolete

In the recent years, campaigns that hope to spread awareness about the Ozone Layer depletion and Global Warming are all over the globe. Foundations were set-up and supported in the hope

to spread awareness and save the Earth from a grim end and a disheartening future.

While we may all be overwhelmed at the misfortunes that are coming at us, it is a breather to know that there is still something we can do. Doing our simple bit seeking out the little steps we can do to help the earth out is a huge leap if we do it all together.

We must never give up on the cause to revive the earth. We must continue to hope and believe that our only home still stands a chance at being restored. Just as how it never gave up on us despite what we have inflicted on it.


Hope is the companion of power, and the mother of success;

for who so hopes has within him the gift of miracles.

-Samuel Smiles


If you want to take a step towards a better earth now but are wondering where to start,

taking part in the Earth Hour is a good leap.



NRDC for the entry on generalized causes of global warming.

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Coffee and Constipation

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Constipation is condition characterized by hard, dry and most of the times sparingly eliminated stools. Sometimes however, these stools are eliminated in large bulks making bowel movement way too painful. A person who is constipated experiences bloating, straining and a constant feeling of a full bowel. Sometimes, these tummy-felt symptoms are accompanied by loss of appetite, dizziness, headache, insomnia, foul breath, ulcers in the mouth and a coated tongue.

As everyone gets their “chance” to experience constipation, it is among the most frequently reported gastrointestinal disturbance.

Constipation Triggers

Technically, constipation occurs when a person’s water intake does not rightfully compensate for the water absorption that takes place in the large intestines as digested food pass by to form stools, or due to other factors that cause faulty muscular contractions in the large intestines.

Intake of foods with high fat contents and less dietary fibers along with insufficient liquid intake are among the most common causes of temporary constipation. Such that, the usual remedies done to solve the problem would be to increase the in take of foods rich in dietary fibers such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. In relation to this, it is recommended that water and juice intake is also to be increased to supply the digestive tract fluids and thus relieve constipation.

However, not all liquids are encouraged to be taken in to serve for the purpose of gastrointestinal rehydration. Beverages containing caffeine and alcohol had been found out to cause dehydration that intake of such beverages are discouraged as a person experiences

constipation as these tend to worsen the person’s condition.

There are other factors that also take part in the trigger of constipation, these would be:

1. Impeded metabolism brought on by old age and lack of physical activity.

2. Intake of certain drugs such as Narcotics, some anti-depressants, anti-convalescents, calcium- channel containing drugs, aluminum-containing antacids and diuretics. These drugs had been found to have either direct or direct affect in the action of the digestive tract.

3. Intake of milk and other dairy products (e.g. Milk of Magnesia and gluten).

4. Pregnancy slows down stool movement in the large intestine as the uterus presses towards the colon.

5. Permitted delay in bowel movement as some people

tend not to move their bowels even

whenthey are urged to due to reasons such as poor potty-training in children. The longer the


it takes for the bowels to stay in the rectum, the harder and more impacted they get as the colon continues to get fluids out of it.

6. Over-dependence to laxatives is causing some people to have the perception that they cannot make it thru the toilet without taking their regular dose of laxatives.

Moreover, as constipation is a symptom rather than an illness, chronic constipation should be given due attention and assessment due to the fact an underlying serious illness (such as tumors in the colon and Crohn’s disease), maybe the cause of its occurrence.

Coffee as a Constipation Remedy

In contrary to previous facts stating that “coffee has a diuretic-acting content in the form of caffeine, and as diuretics cause dehydration in the digestive tract by increasing the excretion of water form the body in the form of urine, and therefore would worsen the condition of a person who suffers constipation,” there had been certain people who made recent claims that coffee consumption yielded them laxative-effects.

Stating whether the coffee be decaffeinated or not, a drink of at least six-ounces of hot, preferably black coffee that is taken in to an empty stomach (specially after breakfast), relieves the condition in as soon as 4 minutes.

The explanation for this occurrence would be that in some people, coffee stimulates an over activity in the gastrointestinal tract specifically in the recto-sigmoid colon causing triggers and hints the individual of the urgency to empty his bowels.

In some cases, even the least dose of intake results to this stimulation of recto-sigmoid action, resulting in loose stools. Further studies show that even decaffeinated coffee yields the same effect. This proves that caffeine is not or rather is not a sole factor causing the effect.

Then again, claims had been made that this anti-constipation coffee charm works better for women than for men.

Coffee Enema

Another manner of the administration of coffee had been found out to yield constipation-relieving effects and this is by way of “Coffee enema.”

Compared to saline, coffee is quickly absorbed through the thin tissues in the perianal area as it makes its way to the liver.

In the liver, the chemicals theophylline and theobromine (which are found in coffee) dilates bile ducts and blood vessels. Simultaneously, theobromine and theophylline, together with caffeine relaxes the smooth muscles in the colon stimulating enhanced peristalsis.

Aside from the stimulation of peristalsis in the gut, coffee also stimulates the enzyme glutathione-S-transferase of the liver. Normally, the liver contains an enzyme system that is responsible for removing free radicals in the body. However, the stimulation of glutathione-S-transferase increases the rate at which the free radicals are removed from the blood (as it passes through the liver at least five times during the time the enema is held inside the gut) by 600-700%.

Meanwhile, the enema fluid in the gut stimulates the gut’s visceral nervous system facilitating peristalsis.

All these results to the free-radicals (now in the form of diluted toxic bile) which had been removed from the blood stream are flushed out of the body together with the stool.

Coffee is not only an elixir that perks people up on short breaks. A sip is not only a means of indulging into it’s aroma. It has got this great benefit too. However, what may work for some people may not always work for everyone. And lastly, it is always smart to learn about the reason why one gets constipated, especially when it is recurring. Checking with a physician is a great favor to do for oneself, especially that your physician knows your body and your own gut better than you do.



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